Surgery can address:

  • Breast size, shape and sag
  • Breast volume loss and tone
  • Breast skin, large areolas and nipple position

We often carry out Breast Augmentation at the same time as an Uplift, resulting in fuller, correctly positioned breasts. Dr. Alamouti will reshape the bust using existing breast tissue, giving you fullness in the upper chest along with an uplifted appearance.

Breast augmentation patient measures
  • Your consultation will be with Dr. Alamouti, an expert in short scar Breast Augmentation
  • Dr. Alamouti also specialises in body surgery, helping him achieve harmonious results that suit your frame
  • Covid-Secure Protocols for Consultations and Surgeries

Breast Augmentation Case Studies

Advantages of the Keller Funnel

Dr. Alamouti is an expert in the Keller funnel, which is a no touch delivery system for insertion of implants. Advantages of using Keller Funnel include:

Smaller incision | Reduced risk of infection | Quicker healing | Reduced capsular contracture rate

Short 3cm scar

when using the Keller Funnel

Faster recovery than other methods

Most patients go home same day (although each case and surgery plan is unique)

Results that are in harmony with your body

Dr. Alamouti's experience as a body contouring Surgeon helps him work harmoniously with your frame

Dr Reza Alamouti

Mr Alamouti is a fully accredited plastic surgeon based in London. He trained at several renowned plastic surgery units including St Thomas’.

He obtained a masters in aesthetic surgery and completed the prestigious aesthetic fellowship at the London clinic. He is on the GMC specialist register for plastic surgery and continues to perform reconstructive surgery in NHS. His specialist interest includes Aesthetic breast surgery and body contouring.

Dr Reza Alamouti

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