Surgery can address:

  • Breast size, shape and sag
  • Breast volume loss and tone
  • Breast skin, large areolas and nipple position

We often carry out Breast Augmentation at the same time as an Uplift, resulting in fuller, correctly positioned breasts. Your Surgeon can reshape the bust using existing breast tissue, giving you fullness in the upper chest along with an uplifted appearance.

Breast augmentation patient measures

Introducing: Hybrid Breast Augmentation

A revolutionary combination procedure for more natural looking results

The key to achieving the best possible results, Hybrid Breast Augmentation involves using a silicone implant combined with injection of your own fat, taken from your tummy, into the breast tissue on top of the implant.

This has several benefits…

  • using your natural tissue on top of the implant creates a more natural look and feel
  • allows the surgeon to sculpt the breast in a way that can’t be done with implants alone
  • helps precisely fine tune asymmetries between the breasts 

How does Hybrid Breast Augmentation improve on traditional breast implant techniques?

The advantage of traditional breast implants is the immediate increase in breast size, but the disadvantage is that they can look unnatural. This is because implants are not the same consistency and texture as normal breast tissue. They also stretch the skin.

In traditional implant methods, even when implants are put under the muscle, the lower part of the implant is not covered by the muscle. This often leads to the implant outline being visible especially in the lower half of the breast.

How does Hybrid Breast Augmentation fix this?

With hybrid breast augmentation, the lower part of the implant will not be at all visible, as this technique allows for complete coverage. By using your body's own fat, our expert surgeons can sculpt and fine-tune your breasts in ways that traditional implants alone simply cannot match. This means that not only does Hybrid Breast Augmentation provide more natural-looking results, but it can also correct asymmetries and provide a more seamless look. 

Don't settle for less than perfection when it comes to your breasts. Choose Hybrid Breast Augmentation and experience the confidence that comes with having larger, perkier and natural-looking breasts.

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