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As we age, lips naturally lose volume and plumpness. This is due to the overall decrease in collagen and elastin that occurs as we age. These are the complex proteins in our skin which provide structure, support and elasticity. Our lips get thinner and smaller as we get older.

Dermal filler can be used for subtle or dramatic enhancements, fixing issues such as thin lips, gummy smile, and more.

Lip Filler Patient

What can Lip Filler Achieve?

Not only can strategically placed Dermal Fillers help restore lost volume, they can also be used to redefine and reshape lips.

How Often Can I Have Lip Filler?

Lip volume is best built up in stages, and it is best that you have smaller volumes of filler added over a period of months to get the desired outcome.

Does Lip Filler Hurt?

Many dermal filler products are available with the addition of 0.3% lidocaine combined with the hyaluronic acid gel in the syringe. This provides instant relief from pain upon injection and removes the need for a separate nerve block or topical anaesthesia. A topical numbing cream is offered.

Case Studies

Surgeons Notes

The patient underwent Lip Augmentation treatment with HA.

POST procedure (RIGHT).

Augmentation of the vermillion borders with some enhanced volumisation of the  lower lip.

The lower lip is always kept more voluminous than the upper one.

Note how the volume increase is harmonious and not deforming.

HA Material: STYLAGE M 1.0 ml

REF: Dr Chike - Lip (10)

Surgeons Notes

The patient underwent Lip Augmentation treatment with HA.

POST procedure (RIGHT).

Results show a natural augmentation of the vermillion borders with some enhanced volumisation of the upper and lower lips.

A marked natural increase in volume has been achieved with no deformation.

HA Material: STYLAGE Special lips-1.0 ml

REF: Dr Chike - Lip (17)

Surgeons Notes

HA implanted into lip vermillion borders with some increased volumisation of both upper and lower lips.

Before and After pics demonstrates increased volumisation as requested by patient.

Russian-Lip technique used.

Volume HA used 1.0 ml STYLAGE M

REF: Dr Chike - Lip (14)

Surgeons Notes

The patient underwent Lip Augmentation treatment with HA.

POST procedure (Below).

Results show augmentation of the vermillion borders with some enhanced volumisation of the upper and lower lips.

A marked natural increase in volume has been achieved with no deformation.

Note we have kept the lower lip more voluminous than the upper one, and maintained the natural tubercles of the lips.

HA Material: STYLAGE Special lips

REF: Dr Chike - Lip (8)

Your Consultation with Dr. Chike Emeagi



Your consultation includes an assessment of your facial anatomy, skin quality and desired outcomes. Dr. Chike will then advise on the treatments that will get you the very best results.

Dr Chike Emeagi is an experienced Aesthetic Doctor with Advanced and Masterclass training in Aesthetic Facial Rejuvenation Techniques and Essential Skin Health Therapies. 

Dr Chike Emeagi

Dr Chike is a fantastic cosmetic doctor and I was very happy with my treatment. He contacted me a few weeks after my treatment to follow up which I was very impressed with. I didn't have to go back for a top up and I've found the results to be long lasting. I would recommend him to anyone and already have!

— Sharlene

Dr Chike uses the best products and latest techniques to create the most beautiful lips, and takes great care to achieve perfection when treating his clients. This is why I was confident in having my treatment carried out by him and knew that I was in safe hands.

— Noor

So professional and understanding to every individuals need! Dr Chike gave me a very natural finish as this is what I wanted and is the only person I trust with my face. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Excellent customer service!!

— Ramroum

Absolutely fantastic and personal service. Dr Chike explains in detail the treatment that is best suited for the face, and does not rush the appointment. I will very highly recommend his clinic.

— Julia

The Lip Filler Process

We will carry out a full consultation and take your medical history. This is our opportunity to make sure the treatment is suitable, and your opportunity to tell us about what you would like to achieve with your appearance. 

Lip fillers are injected directly into your top and bottom lips. We will always begin by administering a conservative amount of filler, building up to a larger amount if required.

We will apply anaesthetic that will numb the whole area to make your treatment far more comfortable. There is also a local anaesthetic in the filler, which will help reduce any discomfort during the procedure. 

Pdo example

Most dermal fillers used in the UK contain hyaluronic acid. When injected into the skin, hyaluronic acid's hydrophilic nature, causes it to attract water, instantly filling out wrinkles and scars and adding volume and shape where necessary.

We  use a variety of techniques to administer fillers to reshape the lips, add lost volume to ageing lips, treat lipstick lines and shape philtral columns. Lip fillers can also be used to address any asymmetry in lips

The border of your lips comprises of the cupid’s bow and the upper and lower vermillion border. These can be reshaped and defined using threads of filler.

Lip augmentation using dermal fillers is suitable for all adults over the age of 18.

In the 5 days  before the treatment, avoid taking aspirin (unless prescribed by a doctor), ibuprofen, vitamin E and fish oil supplements. These may increase bleeding and bruising. 


You must inform your practitioner of any prescription medication/supplements you are taking.

Your treatment will take around 30 minutes.

Arnica (a homeopathic remedy) cream or tablets are sometimes recommended a few days before and a few days after treatment as there is some evidence that this can reduce bruising.


Bruising and swelling should go down after a couple of days but can persist for a week.


If you continue to experience excessive swelling, pain, skin colour changes or if any blistering occurs, you should contact your practitioner immediately.


Similarly, if you experience any delayed reactions such as lumpy redness occurring any time after treatment, you should contact the person who treated you immediately.

The obvious, immediate and most common side effect is slight bleeding after the needle has been inserted into the skin.

Other risks include bruising, tenderness, redness and swelling around the injection site. These signs may take 2-3 days to vanish completely, especially around the lips where there is little flesh and skin is tender.

A rare side effect is occlusions. This is where filler is accidentally injected into a blood vessel, creating a blockage. This presents as whitening of the skin, followed by the area turning greyish-purple. If left untreated, this can result in tissue loss in the affected area. There have been reports of this in lip and nose treatments.

One particular type of occlusion is an ocular occlusion. This is where a blood vessel supplying the eye gets blocked. This results in partial or complete blindness.

If you exhibit any symptoms of occlusion, you need to seek the advice of your practitioner and/or visit accident and emergency immediately. You will need to be prescribed emergency treatment medicines, which is why it is important that you have access to a practitioner who is able to prescribe medicine.

If you have a history of cold sores, or fever blisters in the treated area, filler injections may result in break outs. In this case, we recommend that you take a course of anti-viral medicine before treatment.

Dermal fillers have not been tested on pregnant women. No practitioner would carry out a filler treatment on a pregnant woman.

Prices from £200 to over £500 per treatment session.

When filling lips, it is important to note that you may be advised to have multiple sittings in order to get the required result.

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