We started New You to create a safe place people could come to have treatments that positively transform their lives. Our team are caring, passionate and ethical, and we are all committed to the same mission: to help people become the best that they can be. 

Jayne Randon and Onur Gilleard are the founders of New You, and have created a clinic that puts patient’s wellbeing above all else.

New You Patient

Support at Every Step

Our surgeons and practitioners are experienced and accomplished, but almost equally important to us at New You is their outstanding empathy and the care they offer their patients before, during and after a procedure. 

At New You we take pride in our aftercare, and are committed to supporting patients at every stage, from first consultation through to months or even years after a treatment. We are a deliberately small team, and we think it’s important you know who you’re speaking to at every step of the process.

All consultations, procedures and follow ups take place at our dedicated rooms in 101 Harley Street, in the heart of London's medical district.

New You at 101 Harley Street

• Recently refurbished, CQC Regulated consulting and surgery rooms

• Exceptional aftercare with our small, dedicated, specialist team

• One location for consultations, surgery and aftercare

We keep our team small to ensure a personal and comfortable experience for patients. Having one dedicated location is an essential part of that, as many patients find that being familiar with their surroundings helps to reduce stress and make them feel calmer on the day of Surgery.

Your journey at New You will start with Jayne Randon, our practice manager and patient advisor. She will book your consultation, and be your key point of contact throughout the process. Along the way, you will meet your Surgeon, our Anaesthetist (the friendly Mahmoud), and the front of house team at 101.

Nicholas Seagren

Our small, dedicated team are here to offer comprehensive care every step of the way.

  1. It starts with a phone call. Speak to Jayne, our practice manager and patient advisor, to answer all your questions.
  2. Next up: your Surgeon consultation. This will be directly with surgeon, and they will discuss the reasons for your surgery, the changes you wish to make, and discuss your options.
  3. If you choose to go ahead, we will book you in for any pre-operative assessments as required.
  4. Surgery day: at 101 Harley street. A trusted location, surrounded by familiar faces.
  5. Aftercare. Personal to you, you will attend pre-scheduled follow up appointments, and phone support as needed.
Breast Surgery Patient New You Harley Street

Trust Your Treatment

All our practitioners are specialists in their field, and our extensive results gallery is here to help you feel confident when booking your procedure. Find out more about New You, the individuals that work with us and our amazing results below.

Before and After Gallery

Before and After Gallery

See our hundreds of before and after images, displaying results for all available treatments. Filter by procedure or by practitioner.

Our Team

Our Team

The practitioners and individuals that make up New You. Discover our Doctors, their backgrounds, specialisms and featured results galleries here.



The team at New You are here to help you towards becoming your most confident self. Request a call back, schedule a consultation or give us a call. We can't wait to welcome you to a New You clinic.