How Long Does a Facelift Last?

As the whole purpose of a facelift is to reverse the signs of ageing, knowing how long it will last is very important.

As we age the face undergoes certain changes. The youthful “heart-shaped” face tends to become longer and loses its plump volume. The changes aren’t just limited to just skin sagging. There is a redistribution of the position of fat within the subcutaneous layer of the face, the ligaments that anchor the facial skin to the bones become more lax, the facial bones themselves atrophy (dissolve) in certain areas, the skin loses elasticity and the skin becomes thinner.

Knowing how these anatomical and physiological changes affect the appearance of the ageing face is crucial for the surgeon who performs facelift surgery and the auxiliary procedures that go with it.

A facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that aims to rejuvenate the face by addressing the key features of the ageing face. These are: wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of volume and jowls.

During the procedure, our expert facial surgeon Arda Küçükgüven makes incisions in inconspicuous areas, such as behind the ears or along the hairline. He then carefully lifts the skin from the underlying tissues. It is crucial that the surgeon has an intricate knowledge of facial anatomy including the position of the facial nerve as damage to this vital structure would lead to facial paralysis or fasciculations (unwanted twitching of facial muscles) . Once the skin is lifted and key anatomical structures identified and preserved Dr Küçükgüven tightens the underlying facial muscles and tissues. Excess skin is then removed, and the remaining skin is repositioned for a smoother, more youthful appearance. While a facelift can provide significant improvements, it does not halt the natural ageing process entirely. The best way to think about it is “re-setting the clock”

Factors Affecting Facelift Longevity

Several factors play a crucial role in determining how long the results of a facelift will last:

1. Age: The age at which you undergo a facelift can impact its longevity. Generally, younger patients may enjoy longer-lasting results as their skin is more elastic and resilient.

2. Genetics: Probably the most important factor. Your genetic makeup contributes to how your skin ages. If your family has a history of premature ageing, you may experience a shorter duration of facelift results.

3. Lifestyle Choices: Smoking, excessive sun exposure, poor diet, and other unhealthy lifestyle habits can accelerate the ageing process and diminish the longevity of your facelift. This is one of the few things that you can control. If you are going through the expense and downtime of having facelift surgery it is very important you eat healthily, use high-factor sun cream when under the sun and don’t smoke to make sure you get the best possible result.

4. Skincare Routine: A consistent and effective skincare regimen can help maintain the results of your facelift. Using sunscreen, moisturizers, and anti-ageing products can be beneficial. We also recommend taking collagen supplements during the perioperative period to help with healing.

5. Surgeon's Skill: The expertise and skill of your plastic surgeon are critical. Facelift surgery is a complex procedure. In choosing Arda Küçükgüven you are in the hands of a plastic surgeon with expert knowledge of facial anatomy, who has vast experience in maxilla-facial surgery as well as plastic surgery and a surgeon who has deviated his career to facial surgery. You could not choose a better surgeon.

Expected Duration of Facelift Results

On average, the results of a facelift can last anywhere from five to ten years. However, this is a rough estimate, and individual experiences can vary widely. Some patients may notice that their results persist beyond the ten-year mark, while others may see changes after a shorter period.

Maintenance and Touch-Ups

To extend the longevity of your facelift, consider periodic maintenance and non-surgical treatments. Dermal fillers, Botox injections, and laser treatments can help maintain a youthful appearance between facelifts. We offer all these treatments at our bespoke clinic at 101 Harley Street.


The duration of a facelift's results depends on various factors, including age, genetics, lifestyle choices, and the skill of your surgeon. While the effects can last upto ten years, it's essential to understand that a facelift does not stop the ageing process entirely. It merely resets the clock. To maintain a youthful appearance after facelift surgery it’s important to adopt a healthy lifestyle and consider non-surgical treatments or “tweekments” as needed. Come and find out more about turning back the clock of ageing by having a consultation with our expert facial surgeon Arda Küçükgüven.

Facelift (Rhytidectomy)

Facelift (Rhytidectomy)

A facelift, also known as Rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure designed to tighten and lift the skin and muscles of the face. Our surgeons use this rejuvenating procedure to reduce visible signs of aging, such as sagging skin, deep folds and jowls, leaving you looking and feeling like the most confident version of yourself.

Neck Lift

Neck Lift

A neck lift is a cosmetic procedure that removes excess skin and fat around the jaw line, creating a more defined and youthful-looking neck.

Dr Arda Kucukguven

Dr Arda Kucukguven

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arda Kucukguven is a highly skilled European Board-Certified plastic surgeon who works at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

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