How much does a Tummy Tuck Cost?

When you type "tummy tuck cost near me" into search engines, you're taking the first step in understanding the financial aspects of an abdominoplasty. However, the investment in a tummy tuck goes beyond just the financial component. The surgeon’s expertise, the standards maintained by the clinic, and the quality of aftercare all play a significant role in determining the final abdominoplasty cost.

Unbelievably low-cost tummy tuck offers might pop up during your research. But it's essential to approach these with a discerning eye. Always dig deeper to find out about the surgeon’s credentials, the amenities provided by the clinic, and their specific experience with tummy tuck procedures. Remember, when it comes to cosmetic surgery, the cheapest option might not always be the best. Safety, professionalism, and quality of care should always be paramount.

Tummy Tuck Price

The cost of a tummy tuck can be greatly influenced by your chosen location. Data from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons suggests that the average tummy tuck cost in the UK hovers around £7500. However, in areas with high demand for cosmetic procedures, like London, the prices can soar. It's not uncommon to see prices up to £20000 or even more in such metropolitan areas when surgery is undertaken by a world expert in the field.

A substantial chunk of your tummy tuck costs will be directed towards facility and anaesthesia fees. Most reputable tummy tucks are carried out in facilities overseen by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). These establishments have a fee structure, typically for operating room usage and anaesthesia services. While some clinics might charge a flat rate, others could have an hourly structure. It's crucial to clarify these details to prevent unforeseen expenses.


Tummy tuck procedures offered at significantly lower prices in countries like Turkey can be partially attributed to their lower facility costs compared to the U.K. However, pursuing such surgeries abroad can be fraught with potential risks. It is not recommended, as complications can leave you without support and with limited avenues for redress.

While many people might hope for coverage, elective cosmetic surgeries like tummy tucks usually fall outside the typical coverage of the NHS or many private insurance packages. There are some exceptions for example when abdominoplasty is undertaken after massive weight loss surgery such as a gastric bypass or gastric band.

Tummy Tuck Procedure

The cost of your tummy tuck will be partially dependent on the technique used and the duration of surgery. For example a mini tummy tuck will cost significantly less than a full or extended tummy tuck. Adding liposuction to an abdominoplasty operation will also increase the cost but may be necessary to achieve the result that you want. The most time consuming type of tummy tuck is the fleur de lis tummy tuck. This operation is designed to reduce laxity in both horizontal and vertical vectors. The scars are therefore horizontal (hip to hip) and vertical (down the middle of your abdomen ). It often requires an overnight stay in hospital which also can add to the cost.

Tummy Tuck Finance Breakdown

In general , the total amount you're quoted for an abdominoplasty typically encompasses more than just the surgical procedure. Items like post-operative care, specialized compress garments for recovery, and necessary medications can also be included. To avoid any financial surprises, always insist on a detailed tummy tuck price breakdown during your consultation.

Once your tummy tuck procedure is completed, the recovery phase begins. This period might necessitate specific medications to aid in healing, manage pain, or prevent infections. Although these medications are fairly affordable, it's essential to factor them into your overall budget.

Tummy Tuck Financing Options

Here at NewYou we are sensitive to the substantial financial investment a tummy tuck can represent. As a result, we offer various financing options to prospective patients. This approach allows patients to manage the cost over a more extended period through monthly payments.

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