The Superiority of Macom Garments in Vaser Liposuction Recovery: A Surgeon's Perspective

There's an understated factor in successful Vaser Liposuction procedures that often goes unnoticed - the post-operative garment. Here at New You, we advocate for the use of high-quality compression garments during recovery, and my personal choice is always Macom. In my professional experience, Macom's compression garments significantly elevate the recovery experience for my patients, enhancing the overall results and optimizing patient comfort.

When considering Vaser Liposuction, you're seeking an aesthetic transformation, a reshaping of your body to conform to your desired silhouette. But achieving that goal doesn't stop at the procedure; the post-operative care is equally essential. This is where Macom garments come into play, offering numerous advantages.


Compression and Support

Macom garments are expertly crafted to provide gentle yet constant pressure on the areas treated during liposuction. This focused pressure aids in reducing swelling and preventing fluid build-up, while simultaneously promoting blood circulation. Furthermore, the support offered by these garments minimizes discomfort, allowing patients to move more freely and comfortably during their recovery period.

Skin Retraction

Following fat removal, the skin requires time to retract and adapt to your body's new contours. Macom garments support this natural process by helping the skin adhere to the underlying muscle tissue, preventing sagging and contour deformities.

Comfort and Pain Relief

Post-operative discomfort and tenderness are often expected, but Macom garments help mitigate this issue. The support provided by these garments significantly reduces post-operative discomfort, permitting a more comfortable and less restricted movement during the recovery phase.

Scar Management

Macom garments also offer a solution for scar management. The gentle pressure exerted by these garments has been found to improve scar appearance and accelerate wound healing. This pressure supports incision sites and minimizes the potential for abnormal scar formation, leading to an aesthetically pleasing result.

Psychological Support

Beyond the physical benefits, Macom garments also provide psychological support. The snug fit and secure feeling they offer can boost patients' confidence during recovery, promoting a positive mindset that is crucial for overall well-being and successful recovery.


In our practice here at New You, I've witnessed the superior results achievable with Macom garments after Vaser Liposuction. The seamless integration of comfort, support, and aesthetic enhancement offered by these garments greatly benefits my patients, facilitating a smoother recovery and superior results.

So, while Vaser Liposuction is your first essential step in achieving your desired physical transformation, don't overlook the critical role played by the recovery process, specifically the role of post-operative garments. As your surgeon, I recommend Macom - a choice that combines your specialist procedure with the industry's highest-quality compression garments, ensuring your journey towards a reshaped body is as comfortable, safe, and successful as possible.

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