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Introducing: Hybrid Breast Augmentation

A revolutionary combination procedure for more natural looking results

The key to achieving the best possible results, Hybrid Breast Augmentation involves using a silicone implant combined with injection of your own fat, taken from your tummy, into the breast tissue on top of the implant.

This has several benefits…

  • using your natural tissue on top of the implant creates a more natural look and feel
  • allows the surgeon to sculpt the breast in a way that can’t be done with implants alone
  • helps precisely fine tune asymmetries between the breasts 

How does Hybrid Breast Augmentation improve on traditional breast implant techniques?

The advantage of traditional breast implants is the immediate increase in breast size, but the disadvantage is that they can look unnatural. This is because implants are not the same consistency and texture as normal breast tissue. They also stretch the skin.

In traditional implant methods, even when implants are put under the muscle, the lower part of the implant is not covered by the muscle. This often leads to the implant outline being visible especially in the lower half of the breast.

How does Hybrid Breast Augmentation fix this?

With hybrid breast augmentation, the lower part of the implant will not be at all visible, as this technique allows for complete coverage. By using your body's own fat, our expert surgeons can sculpt and fine-tune your breasts in ways that traditional implants alone simply cannot match. This means that not only does Hybrid Breast Augmentation provide more natural-looking results, but it can also correct asymmetries and provide a more seamless look. 

Don't settle for less than perfection when it comes to your breasts. Choose Hybrid Breast Augmentation and experience the confidence that comes with having larger, perkier and natural-looking breasts.

Questions? We're Here to Help

Contact us by phone or email, and we would be glad to answer any questions you have. Breast surgery prices start from £5995.

About Your Surgeon

Dr. Nicholas Segaren

Mr Segaren is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Cambridge University Hospitals where he undertakes complex microsurgical reconstruction on patients who have had cancer. Together with his colleagues, he recently appeared in the BBC documentary “At the Edge of Life” BBC: S4E01;BBC: S04E05

In addition to training in plastic surgery in London and Cambridge he was awarded a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to undertake a Masters at Harvard University and worked with the Face Transplant team at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, USA. 

In his cosmetic surgery practice, Mr Segaren has developed an expertise in breast surgery. This includes primary Breast Augmentation, Mastopexy (breast lift), Breast Reduction and complex Mastopexy / Augmentation (lift and augmentation) procedures. He takes a patient centred approach and his skill and experience means that his patients are in the best possible hands.  

Nicholas Segaren

Questions? We're Here to Help

Contact us by phone or email, and we would be glad to answer any questions you have. Breast surgery prices start from £5995.

New You at 101 Harley Street

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We keep our team small to ensure a personal and comfortable experience for patients. Having one dedicated location is an essential part of that, as many patients find that being familiar with their surroundings helps to reduce stress and make them feel calmer on the day of Surgery.

Your journey at New You will start with Jayne Randon, our practice manager and patient advisor. She will book your consultation, and be your key point of contact throughout the process. Along the way, you will meet your Surgeon, our Anaesthetist (the friendly Mahmoud), and the front of house team at 101.

Nicholas Seagren

Our small, dedicated team are here to offer comprehensive care every step of the way.

  1. It starts with a phone call. Speak to Jayne, our practice manager and patient advisor, to answer all your questions.
  2. Next up: your Surgeon consultation. This will be with Dr. Nic, and he will discuss the reasons for your surgery, the changes you wish to make, and discuss your options.
  3. Follow ups as needed. This will include a letter from Dr. Nic and a surgery plan.
  4. If you choose to go ahead, we will book you in for any pre-operative assessments as required.
  5. Surgery day: at 101 Harley street. A trusted location, surrounded by familiar faces.
  6. Aftercare. Personal to you, you will attend pre-scheduled follow up appointments, and phone support as needed.
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