Procedure Time 45 mins
Overnight Stay No
Gym 1 month off before returning to the gym
Anaesthesia Local or General
Full Recovery Typically 3 months, but varies among individuals and depending on surgical techniques used.
Time Off Work Usually 1 weeks, depending on the nature of the patient's job.
Fat Injections

What are the Advantages of Fat Injections?

Fat injections offer several advantages, including natural-looking and long-lasting results, as the transferred fat becomes integrated into the surrounding tissues. Additionally, since the fat used in the procedure is obtained from the patient's own body, there is minimal risk of allergic reactions or rejection.

Fat injections can be used for various cosmetic purposes, including filling in wrinkles and restoring volume to hollow areas such as the cheeks.

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The longevity of fat injection results varies among individuals and depends on factors such as the patient's metabolism, lifestyle habits, and the specific area treated. While some of the injected fat may be reabsorbed by the body over time, the remaining fat typically becomes integrated into the surrounding tissues, providing long-lasting results. Touch-up treatments may be needed to maintain desired volume over time.

The recovery process after fat injections varies depending on the specific areas treated and individual healing factors. Patients may experience some swelling, bruising, and discomfort at the donor and injection sites, which typically subside within a few days to weeks. Most patients can resume normal activities within a week after the procedure, although strenuous exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided for several weeks to allow for optimal healing.

Fat for fat injections is typically harvested through liposuction, a minimally invasive surgical procedure. A small incision is made in the donor area (e.g., abdomen, thighs) through which a thin cannula is inserted to suction out excess fat. The harvested fat is then processed to remove impurities and excess fluids before being injected into the desired areas.

While fat injections are generally well-tolerated, patients may be advised to avoid certain activities or behaviours that could affect the results of the procedure. For example, smoking should be avoided both before and after fat injections, as it can impair blood flow and hinder healing.

While fat injections require a sufficient amount of fat for harvesting, patients are generally not advised to gain weight specifically for the procedure. Instead, patients should maintain a stable and healthy weight before undergoing fat injections to ensure optimal results and minimise potential complications.

Who Will Perform the Procedure?

Dr. Arda Kucukguven is a highly skilled European Board-Certified dual-trained plastic and maxillo-facial surgeon specialising solely in facial aesthetic surgery.

Dr Küçükgüven has worked as a consultant plastic surgeon at the famous cranio-maxillo-facial centre at Hacettepe University Hospital in Ankara, Turkey for 6 years. During his time here his specialist interests included research into facial anatomy, facial rejuvenation surgery and complex facial reconstruction.

Dr. Arda

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