Procedure Time 1 hour
Overnight Stay No
Gym 1 month off before returning to the gym
Anaesthesia Local or General
Full Recovery Typically 3 months, but varies among individuals and depending on surgical techniques used.
Time Off Work Usually 1 week, depending on the nature of the patient's job.
Prominent Ear Correction

What Happens During Prominent Ear Correction Surgery?

During prominent ear correction surgery, small incisions are made behind the ear, where your surgeon then has access to the cartilage and tissues that give the ear its shape. Depending on the specific concerns and desired outcomes, various techniques may be used to reshape or reposition the ears. This may involve sculpting or trimming excess cartilage, reshaping the ear folds (antihelical fold and conchal bowl), or securing the ear closer to the head with sutures.

If your confidence has been affected by prominent or protruding ears, this procedure could be a great choice for you.

Before and Afters

Prominent Ear Correction

Prominent Ear Correction

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Prominent ear correction is usually performed as an outpatient procedure, meaning patients can return home on the same day after surgery. While individual recovery experiences may vary, most patients can expect to go home shortly after the procedure once they have recovered from the effects of anaesthesia.

While some improvement in ear appearance is visible immediately after surgery, the final results of prominent ear correction may take several weeks to months to fully manifest. Initially, there may be some swelling and bruising, but as these effects subside, the ears will gradually assume their new position and shape.

Yes, prominent ear correction surgery can be performed on both ears simultaneously, which is often recommended to achieve balanced and symmetrical results. Performing the procedure on both ears at once also minimises overall recovery time and allows for a more uniform healing process.

Prominent ear correction surgery is intended to provide long-lasting results and so is generally not reversible. Therefore, it's essential to communicate openly with your surgeon during your consultation to ensure that your expectations are understood and addressed.

Most patients can return to work or school within a week after prominent ear correction surgery, although individual recovery times may vary. It's essential to follow instructions provided by your surgeon, including avoiding strenuous activities and heavy lifting during the initial healing period, to facilitate a smooth recovery process.

Who Will Perform the Procedure?

Dr. Arda Kucukguven is a highly skilled European Board-Certified dual-trained plastic and maxillo-facial surgeon specialising solely in facial aesthetic surgery.

Dr Küçükgüven has worked as a consultant plastic surgeon at the famous cranio-maxillo-facial centre at Hacettepe University Hospital in Ankara, Turkey for 6 years. During his time here his specialist interests included research into facial anatomy, facial rejuvenation surgery and complex facial reconstruction.

Dr. Arda

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