Enhances the cheeks and surrounding areas

This treatment enhances the cheeks and surrounding areas, helping to replenish volume in the skin and reduce the appearance of jowls, wrinkles and folds. 

It is perfect if you would like to restore or prolong a youthful, rested, healthy appearance, and can achieve:

  • Plumper-looking cheeks
  • A more youthful appearance with tighter, more lifted skin
  • A more balanced, symmetrical face
Cheek Example

A cannula will be used, so there is only one entry point per area and the treatment contains a local anaesthetic, all of which helps to make it more comfortable. Most patients find the discomfort to be very mild and short lived.

Your treatment time will depend on how many areas are being treated and you will see instant results. 

Surgeons Notes

This patient with a Tear Trough deformity and associated anterior Cheek volume loss.

This lovely lady was concerned about her nasolabial folds. Instead of filling these, we opted to add filler to her cheeks to replace lost volume, particularly from her malar fat pad. This provided a subtle lifting effect which softened the nasolabial folds and provided an overall more youthful appearance. 

Only 1ml STYLAGE XL was used in her cheeks, but this made a huge difference!

REF: Dr Chike - Tear / Cheek (4)

Surgeons Notes

This patient with a Tear Trough deformity and associated anterior Cheek volume loss.

The patient was treated with Sub-muscle HA into the SOOF , and also High Density HA into the Malar fat pad.and Anterior Cheek.

Pictures show PRE and POST treatment  views. Deep technique done with micro cannula.

Note the point of maximum zygomatic projection.

REF: Dr Chike - Tear / Cheek (3)

Surgeons Notes

Restoring the harmony and youth of the face with a naturally looking Ogee Curve.

Typically younger women with good facial volume and structure will have a well defined Ogee curve that enhances their appearance and gives support to the mid face.

Changes to facial structure over time may cay cause this curve to flatten due to Weight Loss or the Ageing process.


Assessing my client I observed that:

• She naturally has a great baseline bone structure, though this may have reabsorbed somewhat over the years

• Her Ogee curve is still observable at the Lateral aspects of her cheeks but has flattened at the front

• The deep frontal fat pad under her eyes has shrunken and lowered

• Her under eyes have lost support

• The line where her lower eye lid meets her cheek has lowered


Treatment consisted of:

Volume replacement of her frontal fat pads

Support and structure across the sides of her cheeks to lift and contour

Support of the under eyes to lift the lid-cheek junction

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Surgeons Notes

The patient was treated with Sub-muscle HA into the  Malar Fat Pad./ Anterior Cheek.

The patient requested a more voluminous cheek volume. A Microcannula was used.

Pictures show PRE and POST treatment views. 

REF: Dr Chike - Rejuvenation (3)

Cheek Filler FAQs

How long does it take?

The procedure is minimally invasive which takes about 30-45 mins. There will be minimal bruising of about 2-3 mm around the insertion points on each side of the cheeks. We typically use a Microcannula.

How long until I see results?

The fullness will develop over time and achieving its maximal effect by the end of the two weeks. The longevity of the filler generally lasts up to 12 to 18 months, depending on the metabolism of an individual. Some people will break down the fillers more quickly than the others.

How much filler should I ask for?

We would recommend clients to start with 0.5ml to each side (ie 1ml in total) first, wait for two weeks and see if they would like further treatments. This is ideal for clients who would to see a more gradual improvement over time.

We draw a line from corner of the eye to the corner of the mouth.We also draw a line from edge of the nostril to the middle of the ear - Tragus. The lines intersecting will indicate the location of the apex of the cheek. The loss of definition of Ogee curve is often due to loss of subcutaneous tissue secondary to any significant weight loss or aging.

Longevity of the Filler Depends on the following:

1. Type of filler

2. Amount (in volume) of filler

3. Individual metabolism

4. Client care

The STYLAGE range will last from 9-18 Months.

The rebuilding of the Ogee Curve not only improves  the location of the light reflection on  the cheek bones, it also softens  the smile lines (nasolabial folds) and rejuvenates the Mid-face.

The Ogee Curve

Our Aesthetic doctors understand the importance of the Ogee curve just as an artist would. Just as an artist studies his subject, our doctors will study the patient's face to understand the best way to perform any facial augmentation procedure.

What is the Ogee Curve

It is an "S"-shaped curve made out of two opposing arcs. It is commonly found in drawings and architectural designs. You may ask what does it have anything to do with beauty? The answer is: it has everything to do with beauty.

If you look closely at young women's facial features, particularly the side view, the high cheek bone sets the top half the "S" shape and the lower face forms the bottom half of the "S" shape of this curvature.

Cheek Fillers and The Ogee Curve

The Ogee curve on a person's face is associated with youthfulness and beauty. If you open any pages of fashion magazines, check out the side views of models and you will notice the Ogee curves, whether these be natural or cosmetically enhanced. The art is not to over do it and it is important to compliment the Ogee Curves to the natural features of an individual.

Where is the Ogee Curve on the Face?

The ogee curve is the central facial triangle or the double soft-S curves that are seen on the youthful face from an oblique angle. There is fullness in the lateral brow that softly curves where the upper and lower eyelids meet, then softly curves outward on the upper cheek to again curve inward just above the mouth. As we age the natural curve collapses as the face loses the volume found in youth. Placing an ogee curve in people’s faces make older people look younger and younger faces more beautiful.

Deciding on Your Treatment Plan

You will have a thorough consultation with Dr Chike Emeagi before undergoing any treatment. This allows you to decide whether the treatment is right for you. We are here to ensure you make the right decision for you.

We will only go ahead with a treatment if we believe it is in your best interests. Many of our clients choose a combination of cheek enhancement, chin sculpting, and jawline sculpting for the full facial rebalancing experience. Your doctor will be able to help you decide on the right look for you. 

We  have an excellent reputation for helping each patient choose the most effective treatment plan to restore a youthful appearance by using the ogee curve philosophy. Call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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