Jaw Botox relaxes and reduces the size of the masseter muscle. The masseter muscles may enlarge due to excessive chewing (gum) as well as bruxism (teeth clenching) Besides jawline slimming, masseter botox also reduces TMJ Disorder Symptoms and Headaches/Migraines.

Botox in the masseter is safely used for:

  • Teeth grinding
  • Reducing jaw ache & tension
  • Reducing headaches
  • Contouring wide square jaw
  • Balancing the upper and lower face shape

Chin sculpting with filler can also enhance the jaw angle, which is why this treatment is often done in combination with the jawline slimming procedures.

Jawline Slimming Before and After New You Harley Street

How does jawline slimming work?

It is thought that 70% of grinding and clenching happens at night when we sleep, but it can also happen while we are concentrating or under stress. This causes a hypertrophic growth of the muscles attached to the jaw, called the masseters, and therefore a wider square-looking face.

What's The Masseter?

The masseter muscles are the muscles that are attached at the angle of your jaw and control all the movements related to chewing food. For some people, strong jaw muscles are part of their normal anatomy. However, for others a square jaw line is the result of a condition called Bruxism, which causes excessive teeth grinding or clenching.

Fix Teeth Grinding

With overuse from habitual teeth grinding, the masseter muscles become over developed and more pronounced, causing the shape of the lower face to alter and acquire that strong ‘square-jawed’ look (along with other painful and potentially more serious symptoms).

Bruxism Explained

Bruxism can affect the Jawline and this is because clenching or grinding teeth is an involuntary movement, which we cannot control and can occur either while awake or asleep. The medical term for unconscious teeth grinding and jaw clenching is bruxism, and many people suffer of it for years without even realising it.

How Botox Can Help

Botox temporarily relaxes parts of this muscle. The relaxed parts atrophy (shrink) due to disuse. This treatment for face slimming is commonly referred to as Masseter Botox or Jawline Botox. Jawline botox results in the decreases of the lower face width by reducing the masseter size. A proper examination of the lower face and masseter muscle size determines the dose and frequency of botox injections.

How long will results last?

Depending on the treatment recommended, you could start to see the results within three weeks. Results typically lasts for three to four months. Sometimes a repeat treatment is needed 4-8 weeks later to ensure the best results, with a follow up six months after that. The results generally improve significantly over the first year of treatment. Finally, as the muscles relax and atrophy over time, less botulinum will be needed and there will be with longer periods between treatments.

What can I expect from my results?

Most patients report thinning of the face and jaw as a result of treatment with botulinum toxin, while voluntary movements, such as chewing and facial expressions, are not affected by the procedure.

The jawline slimming treatment can transform your face completely. In fact, people can go from having a square and masculine jaw, to a narrow and oval face in a matter of weeks.

Your Jawline Slimming Procedure

A consultation with our cosmetic doctor is to ascertain relevant information. Your goals and concerns are discussed and an appropriate treatment plan recommended. During the consultation side effects are discussed

The treatment is relatively quick, painless with no downtime. At NYHS Botulinum Toxin is administered via a small needle known as the “invisible needle”.

Small doses of botulinum toxin are injected directly into the masseter muscles on each side of the face and spread out at multiple points within the muscles. This helps the muscles relax, reducing the grinding and the masseters hypertrophy.

Side Effects and Contraindications

Using botulinum toxin to relax the masseter muscles is a safe and effective way for treating both the neurogenic and muscular components of bruxism with little downtime and minimal side effects.

The injections are slightly prickly or stingy and take about 5 minutes to complete, after which you can return to your normal activities. Side effects relating to the spread of botulinum toxin far away from the injection site have been reported very rarely.

Treatment with botulinum toxin is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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